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The Springfield Roller Girls All Stars are SRG's WFTDA charter team.The SRG All Stars is made up of our most seasoned roller derby veterans. Our All Stars travel to compete against other WFTDA leagues in the South Central Region in order to earn rankings and solidify SRG's place in regional and national tournaments.  Meet your SRG All Stars.

The Battle Broads are the Springfield Roller Girl's B level travel team. It is composed primarily of rookie skaters who are gaining experience and improving their skills through game play. The Battle Broads learn team work and derby strategy while working towards making the future jump to the SRG All Stars. Meet your SRG Battle Broads.

This is where derby players are made. Skaters come into our Fresh Meat program with their own hopes and dreams of what roller derby is.  They work through the blood, sweat & tears and before they know it they have gained the skills and confidence to make it on the track.  Meet our Fresh Meat.

The Springfield Roller Girls could not function without their team of dedicated officials and staff. They are the individuals who make every bout possible. They are those you see in zebra stripes or black shirts. Though in the moment we may curse at them while on the track, we would be lost without them. Meet our Officials and Staff.