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About Us

The Springfield Roller Girls are the area’s nationally ranked Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) team. We have been skater owned and operated since our inception. We became a member of WFTDA in 2011 and strive to always maintain their high standards of excellence as well as our own.

We are always accepting new members to our organization in several roles. We are always accepting skaters of all skill levels for our travel: All-Star team for advanced skaters and B team, the Battle Broads, for newer skaters. We are always welcoming Non-Skating Officials (NSO’s) who help run our games and are vital to our success.

Last, but not least, we are always needing referees who help keep us safe when we are on the track. Our mission is to be active athletes who have fun while also inspiring each other and the greater community with our hard work, determination, social consciousness, and good sportsmanship.

Our History

The Springfield Roller Girls (SRG) were started in 2006 by Ted Hall, Jason McDaniel, and Catina Ankrom (Bad Cattitude). Their goal to start a woman’s roller derby team started to take shape, having their first practice in the spring of ‘06. They practiced for over a year before they began to have games using their home team, comprised of the league skaters so they had game play experience. The teams were named the Bitter Betsys and the Doomzday Dollz. The game received a huge response from the community and was very well attended.

Their first game against an outside opponent happened against the CoMo Derby Dames in October of 2007. They lost by a very narrow margin. That game would be the only loss they suffered for almost two years. SRG went undefeated for their first full season, while playing some of the best talent the derby world had to offer in 2008. They went almost completely undefeated in 2009 as well losing to only one team, to the Kansas City Roller Warriors, who had previously won the WFTDA Championship in 2007. 

During that second season, they had enough league members to start a second team called the
Springfield Roller Girls Battle Broads. They played three games that season, and lost the first two by less than 15 points, winning their final game of the season beating the Tulsa Derby League All Stars by 12 points. The B team was used as a conduit to get skaters experience and play time before moving to up and onto the All-Star team.

The Springfield Roller Girls next milestone for SRG happened in June of 2011, after apprenticing, SRG became a full member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), an internationally ranking system and a governing body of the sport of roller derby. SRG was now able to compare their skills against the best the world had to offer.

The league had a down point in their history when they got word that Skateport, their home, was going to be torn down. They were sad at the unfortunate turn of events, but gave the venue wonderful send off with a last home game that brought out roller girls current and former for a wonderful reunion. They began their search for a new venue, and ended at their new home: Remington’s who have been gracious hosts since April of 2014. During this time, the team went through a flux period and so they put the Battle Broads on hold and focused on their All Star team exclusively.

They start of their 2015 season saw a rise in membership and after a year hiatus, the Battle Broads were brought back to great fanfare. The Springfield Roller Girls have begun their 8th season with renewed vigor and determination to rise in the WFTDA rankings and to grow their league to new heights. SRG is always striving for greatness and to give 100% all the time.